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Need HELP with Certification?

If you have questions or concerns relating to Florida teacher certification,

please contact Karen Ganus or Nicole Chesser at 541-6336

or email Karen Ganus or Nicole Chesser.


In April 2019 the State Board of Education amended Rule 6A-4.0021,

FAC to include registration fees for the FTCE program. Computer-Based Testing is available for ALL FTCE/FELE Tests!

Visit for details about registering for a computer-based a test at a convenient time and location or call 866-613-3281

Beginning April 22, 2019, registration fees shall be as follows:

Don’t Forget to Renew

Your valid certificate is your license to teach. The majority of our teachers renew through inservice points. If all of your renewal requirements are complete, you may renew a professional during the final year of your current validity period (you will be notified when you are in the final year of your current validity period). Nicole Chesser will notify you via email when all inservice documentation for renewal has been received/approved and will provide you with directions for renewal. The cost to renew is $75.00 and all teachers MUST renew through the district. The following includes all of the routes for renewing a certificate:

  • College Coursework – At least 6 semester hours of college credit earned within the validity period of the Professional Certificate. College credit must be earned from an accredited institution and an official transcript must me submitted. A grade of at least of “C” must be earned.

  • Inservice Points – 120 inservice points earned within the validity period of the Professional Certificate.

  • Subject Area ExamA passing score on the subject area examination for the subject shown on the certificate is equivalent to 3 semester hours of college credit. There is no limit on the number of examinations that may be taken during one validity period.

  • National Board Certification – A National Board of Professional Standards (NBPTS) will renew all corresponding areas shown on the Florida certificate.

  • College Teaching – A course taught at the college level is the same as a course taken at the college level for renewal. Verification of the course name, prefix, number, semester hours and dates taught must be submitted by the Registrar on the college letterhead.

Educator Certification Termination Prevention

  • If your Florida Temporary/Professional Educator Certificate expires June 30, 2020, all of your certification requirements must be completed and returned to Instructional Services prior to June 10, 2020.

IN-COUNTY Eligibility Process for Receiving Staff Development/Inservice Points

When you attend staff development/inservice training you must complete the following procedure to become eligible to earn hours/points:

  • A roster of participation will be provided for the participant to sign at the beginning of the workshop/training, remember to sign the roster as documentation that you attended the training.

  • Upon completion of the training, the facilitator of the training will sign the roster and give the roster to the principal or his/her designee at the school site where the training was conducted.

  • The completed roster, which indicates names and total hours of the training will be sent from the schools site to Nicole Chesser at Anderson Elementary School for posting/processing.

  • The roster will be entered into our human resources database. However, this does NOT mean that you are eligible to earn hours/points for the training at this point.

  • To become eligible to receive hours/points for a training that you’ve attended you must document follow-up (support) activity.

  • The follow-up activity can be documented by several methods that are indicated on a Dixie County Schools Inservice Follow-up form (copies of the follow-up form are housed at each school site, on our district website or you may contact Nicole Chesser at ext. 6140 or via email for a copy). Documentation from a teacher’s lesson plans is the most common follow-up/support method used in our school district.

For Example:

  • A teacher attends a 6-hour workshop, signs a roster as proof of attendance and the roster has been sent to Instructional Services processed/posted.

  • To be eligible to earn ANY hours/points for this workshop, the teacher must complete a follow-up form and provide at least one hour of follow-up/support activity (1 hour of documentation that the skills he/she acquired from the initial training were implemented into his/her curriculum in the classroom).

  • Upon receipt of the completed follow-up form at Instructional Services the teacher will be eligible for 6 hours/points from the initial training and 1 hour/point of follow-up for a total of 7 hours/points for this workshop. The teacher my do up to 6-hours of follow-up and receive a total of 12 hours for the total training. The number of follow-up hours can not exceed the number of hours of the initial training.

  • Lastly, when supporting documentation has been received at Instructional Services it will be reviewed and approved by Buddy Schofield, Director of Elementary and Secondary Education. If Mr. Schofield deems additional documentation is required from the teacher before he/she is eligible to receive inservice hours/points, he will return the documentation to the teacher and address what must be corrected for them to be eligible to receive the hours/points requested.

  • REMEMBER - to be eligible for ANY inservice points all supporting documentation must be completed and received by Instructional Services for processing.